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The Midnight Madness Rocky Horror Cast

There's Madness... at Midnight!

The Midnight Madness / Midnight Radio Cast
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Chicago Rocky Horror Picture Show cast community
This is the LiveJournal community for the Chicago Rocky Horror Shadowcast, Midnight Madness - many of us are members here.

ANYONE is free to join and post/comment/discuss Midnight Madness (and CRHAP) Rocky related things. If you have a question about whether something is appropriate to post here, please contact us to make sure. We will delete off topic or inappropriate posts without notice or warning.

add our damn MySpace too...

Due to some idiot who has decided to spam the community we've temporarily switched to moderated membership. What does that mean? Well for members it means you won't be annoyed anymore with those stupid spam posts. You're all still welcome and encouraged to post and mingle. For non-members it means that when you click "join this community" you will have to be a approved by a mod and until you're approved you won't be able to initiate a new post of your own. Sorry about that, but daily bannings and multiple post deletions are getting old and annoying. It's for your own protection.